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This wing is currently under development. Come back later or follow our facebook page for more informations regarding this project.

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A double use wing ! Its the ideal pedagogical tool for the monitor, a ground handling wing adapted at each situations. Furthermore, it also will be liked by confirmed pilots for its flight properties in speed flying !

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TAYO is doted of a «high lift ratio profile» granting a smaller size. Piloting feeling is “a little alive” for incredible glide sensations at reasonable speeds. Perfectly suited for winter flying with ski, snowboard, or by foot but also for ground handling and coasts flying...

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Take the characteristics of the TAYO, optimise the construction in order to obtain a wing that is less than 3 Kg in all sizes, therefore you will enjoy a mini wing that is perfectly suited for your treks !

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This wing is currently under development. Come back later or follow our facebook page for more informations regarding this project.

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This wing asks for active and precise piloting, and will return it back in a dynamic and precise style. A wing that every freestyle pilot should try !

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The aerobatic glider designed and tunned by and for acro pilots.

The FAT Acro Team see the birth of the wing it was looking for... Dynamic and super precise. Its also a powerful wing in thermals for endless glides...

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The TAYO and the TAYO H2 can be obtained in a SWISS MADE version under the name of POYA and POYA H2.

For more informations explore the SWISS MADE tab of our website.



Since our beginnings in paragliding, our passion brought us to design and create different kites and paragliding models.

The return of SWISS MADE paragliders ?

In July 2011, in Château-d'Oex, we produced the «Tacoon». It was a project of ground handling paraglider of 7 sqm, imagined few years ago.

Since then we created the GERONIMO – two pieces – that allowed us to make the first ever flight with our own sewed glider. With two more prototypes we succeed in creating a 12 sqm paraglider, perfectly suited for ground handling!

Then we created the TAYO; Two 15 sqm prototypes. On those we studied how the “technical cut” take effect on the wing. A 17 sqm «proto» was tested on west coast of India during 2 month. And finally a last proto of 19,4 sqm was created.

Those paragliders – manufactured by our own – permit us to progress in designing and tuning wings. Encouraged and formed since 2011 by our friend Alexandre Paux, our designs take a new dimension.

A micrometre design for a millimetre manufacturing precision !

In order to respect this precision, experimented seamstresses assemble the wings with specialized sewing machines.

Gliders are produced in Czech Republic, by specialised workshops that have a long experience in paragliding manufacture.

A return to the sources !

A SWISS MADE manufacture was born ! At MCC AVIATION workshops.

Sort of a return to the sources, as our firsts prototypes have been home made in Château-d'Oex.

You will find more informations about our entirely SWISS MADE production, under corresponding tab of our website.