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POYA is doted of a « high lift ratio profile » granting a smaller size. Piloting feeling is “a little alive” for incredible glide sensations at reasonable speeds. Perfectly suited for winter flying with ski, snowboard, or by foot but also for ground handling and coasts flying...

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Take the characteristics of the POYA, optimise the construction and obtain a wing of less than 3 kg at each size. So you will have the perfectly suited wing for walk and fly !

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Are you convinced ?

Then personnilised your colours and pass an order for your POYA or POYA H2 !

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Promotion de lancement

At the launch of the brand, FLYFAT.CH offers an exceptionnal promotion.

Save till Chf 760.- on our SWISS MADE wings... see offer !

This promotion is lmited in the time and in quantity, therefore get in quickly !

Enjoy the offer by ordering a POYA or a POYA H2 trough the website or by asking your usual dealer.


The POYA and POYA H2 are entirely done in Switzerland. Production is done in the workshops of MCC AVIATION, in Grandvaux, Switzerland. Discover this process in video !